Elevate and grow your sausage game with Cottoms: Your Trusted Partner in Quality Food Products

Cottoms Whoelsale box

Are you tired of dealing with suppliers whose sausages just don’t make the cut? 

Say hello to a game-changer in the sausage industry – Cottoms! We’re the new kid on the block, and we’re here to revolutionise your sausage offerings.

Why choose Cottoms? Here’s why:

1.     Award-Winning Sausages: Our sausages are not just any sausages – they’re award-winning! Renowned for their exceptional taste and quality, Cottoms sausages are guaranteed to impress even the most discerning customers.

2.     No More Splitting: Fed up with sausages that split and ruin your customers’ cooking experience? With Cottoms, that’s a thing of the past. Our sausages are expertly crafted to maintain their integrity, ensuring a flawless cooking process every time.

3.     Convenient IQF Boxes: We understand the importance of convenience in your operations. That’s why we supply our premium sausages in convenient IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) boxes, making storage and handling a breeze.

4.     Consistency and Quality: At Cottoms, consistency and quality are non-negotiable. You can trust us to deliver the same high standards with every batch, ensuring your customers always get the best.

5.     Innovative and Flexible Service: We’re not just another supplier – we’re your partner in success. Count on us for innovative solutions tailored to your needs and flexible service that adapts to your business requirements.

Ready to elevate your sausage offerings and leave your competitors in the dust? Give Cottoms a try today!

Contact us now by calling 0151 4204 140 or please email info@cottoms.co.uk to learn more about how we can support your business and revolutionise your sausage selection.

Best regards,

Will Munro

Managing Director


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